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Increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise to ensure a SAFE and EFFECTIVE workout created by

Dr. Ryan A. Harris, PhD,CCES
ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist

Burn More Calories and Increase Muscle Mass !!!

With the easy to use CD-ROM instruction manual, Bandercise will guide you through all types of exercises you can do at Home or on the Go.


Bandercise Resistance Bands Exercise System includes:

  • 3 four-foot Resistance Bands (Yellow, Green, and Blue) for different levels of intensity
  • Door anchor
  • Leg Attachment
  • Instructions on major muscle group exercises/therapy
  • Door anchor instructions (NO Holes, NO Hardware Required!)

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Bandercise makes exercise fun and easy!

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. When in question please consult a trained, licensed health care professional. Bands have a tendency to break when used excessively. Always examine bands for nicks & tears that may cause the band to break and discard bands if damaged. Store bands at room temperature for longer life.
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